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Redcar Borough Park Bowling Club

Inter Club

Over 55s team to play Hornsea on Thu/Fri 11/12 Jan
Home rinks 10 Jan
D. Hodgson, T. Entwistle, A. Westwood & M. Lynch + E. Whitwell, B. Bell, E. Whorlton & T. Richardson
Away rinks 11 Jan
K. Harding, B. Robinson, G. Russell & E. Smith + T. Wtson, D. Galvin,  J.C.Tyreman & A. Crossman
Reserves A. Snowball, B. Pears, D. Griffin
Cars: K. Harding 7 E. Smith leaving club at 09:30
County league team to play Selby on Sat 12 Jan
Home rinks
D. Ward, J.C.Tyreman, A. Crossman & K. C. Tyreman + B. Robinson, G. Russell, E. Smith & A. W. Jones
Away rinks
D. Hodgson, T. Watson, M. Lynch & P. Bostock + E. Whitwell, T. Entwistle, E. Whorlton & T. Richardson
Reserves B. Bell, B. Pears, D. Galvin, A. Snowball, D. Griffin
Cars P. Bostock & T. Entwistle
Double rinks team to play New Earswick on Sat 26 Jan
Home rink: E. Whitwell, D. Hodgson, T. Richardson & P. Bostock
Away rink: D. Ward, J. C. Tyreman, A. Crossman & K. C. Tyreman 
Over 55 team result vs Selby on Thursday 15 November - Won 14 - 4
Home rinks:
A. Snowball, E. Whorlton, J. Tyreman & T. Richardson: 35 - 11
D. Hodgson, D. Galvin, A. Westwood, A. W . Jones: 24 - 16
Away rinks:
E. Whitwell, B. Bell, I. Forrest & M. Lynch: 11 - 21
T. Watson, T. Entwistle, G. Russell & E. Smith: 11 - 21